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    PRAYER TO REMAIN ALWAYS ACTING WITH JESUS IN HIS DIVINE DESIRE Oh kind and adorable Jesus, I continue to prostrate myself before You in an eternal "thank you" for allowing my actions to remain united in Yours, acting with You in everything You have done, are doing, and will do. I give You thanks that my desire to act in union with Your Desire is multiplied and so in one act I can make reparation for all, and love all. Loving Jesus, Your Desire working in me, now and forever, makes Your own my poor and weak humanity and raises me up to my ABBA Father as a continual victim of love and sorrow, to offer glory to the Supreme Majesty from each creature, from the first to the last. Oh Lord, do not permit me to be separated from the action of Your Desire so that I may be another You, my nothingness in Your all eternal Being. In this union with You, My Jesus, I desire to do all that You did, giving glory to the Father in every glance, every step, every work of my hands, and in every beat of the human heart. Oh Eternal God! Let me always be united to the Desire of Jesus, to be able to be with Him in each tabernacle and each host from the first to the last, and so to participate in all the coldness and degradations inflicted on my Jesus. Allow me to offer all to You, my Heavenly Father, in union with the one act of the interior and exterior passion of Jesus, as reparation for all creatures. Oh Holy Trinity, never permit me to leave the Divine Desire. Let everything in me be a repetition of what Jesus did and let all be a product of divine action coming forth from the eternal Fiat. Thank you, my God, for the grace of graces, that is more than anything the continuation of the wok of Christ Jesus in my little, poor and miserable being. Amen. Alleluia PRAYER OF REPARATION TO THE HEART OF JESUS Oh Holy Father, Good Father, because of Your love You sent Your Jesus "Heart" into the world so we may be saved in You: I ask You to give me Your DIVINE FIAT, to be able to console the most intimate pains of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. My Jesus, I ask of heaven the assistance of Mary Most Holy in union with the Holy Spirit to ease the pain that all the souls give You through thoughts of envy, illicit sexual fantasies, hate, resentment, desire for power and revenge. Let the purity of Mary revive in me Your most intimate sorrows, my Jesus, so that in heaven the Father will give Your glory when He sees Your interior life living in me and many other souls. Oh Father of Love, may the merits of the sorrows of Your Beloved Son's Heart, united with my heart, be able to make reparation to Your Son's Divinity and Your Eternal Will, and to give Your FIAT to the world that it may receive Your mercy. In this way may I placate the rage of the Divine Justice so the triumph of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary may come upon earth as it is in heaven in union with the Divine Will. Oh Heart of Jesus, alow me to participate in Your sorrows that I will be a reflection fo Your interior passion and so produce in me the fruits of the exterior passion for Your glory and honor. Amen. CONSECRATION FOR THOSE ASPIRING TOWARDS PERPETUAL ADORATION I, _____________, consecrate myself to the perpetual adoration of my sacramental Spouse, the Heart of Jesus within the Sacred Host, day and night as much as is possible to my state of life, as long as I live on this earth, that after this life to be a perpetual worshipper in Heaven. I consecrate my free time, the time after my daily work, to visit in your presence. I consecrate my hours of silence through Mary, to enter into the silence of Jesus. I consecrate my free time to go in spirit to the nearest tabernacle, or to that tabernacle to which you inspire me to visit and to pray there. Although my body is not present, my spirit is with You. Jesus, You look at me and I look at You. O humble Jesus, O Jesus Host, You humbly chose a piece of bread to hide Your divinity. O Jesus, I wish to console You now and forever, to praise You for those who do not love You; to suffer with Your humanity for those who do not share in Your suffering. O Mother of God, come to my aid and help me to be faithful to this consecration. Saint Alphonsus De Liguori, you are now in Heaven. I ask you to be present with me this day as I make this consecration and help me to be faithful to the one I love. Amen. O my Jesus, let me die of LOVE. (Before making the above consecration, one is to receive communion daily for a month. This consecration is made before the exposed Blessed Sacrament. Call upon St. Alphonsus De Liguori and the angelic choirs of Principalities and Seraphim to protect you from evil and to keep distractions away during the consecration.) PRAYER OF THE SOUL CRUCIFIED IN THE DIVINE WILL Oh God my Father, You have crucified me in Your Will. Yes, there I am nailed with Jesus and in Jesus for Your glory and honor. Yes Father, Your Will gave me light and truth to be able to climb this high mountain. Here I am crying, full of thirst for Your glory. I desire, in union with the Holy Spirit, to alleviate the thirst of Jesus for souls. Yes Father, I am consumed and dying for love of You in union with Your Son, and in Your Son's Cross. Father, give me the strength I will need when the time of sacrifice comes. And to you, Mother Mary, faithful Companion, faithful Mother, I ask you to continue to give me strength of the FIAT that only You know how to give. Yes, Mother I see you alone, crying, with your heart pierced; but this is my support at the hour of truth. Yes, my Mother, your tears give me life, your sorrow warms me. Your maternal glance tells me, "My son it is necessary for this to happen." In this way, with your "joyful pain," give me to the Father as you gave Your Son Jesus 2000 years ago. Mother, pray that I will give my last breath according to the Eternal Will of the Father. Enable me to present my sole to the Divine Justice and be consumed in love. Oh my Mother, here I sacrifice myself, here in my agony. Amen. PRAYER TO CONTINUE JESUS' LIFE HERE ON EARTH My God, Creator of all that is in heaven and earth, I ask You in the Divine Will that Jesus' life, the Incarnate Word, continue in me. I ask that my actions, prayers, sufferings, and thoughts be Jesus'. Eternal Father, allow me to accompany my Holy Mother to the tomb where Jesus was buried so that with her tender help I may draw into my life the sorrows that Jesus suffered in His Heart for all the interior sins of men. Yes, Mother, continue in me those pains of the crown of thorns of my beloved Jesus. Continue in me the pain of His hands and feet. Continue in me the thirst for souls and all the spasms that Jesus suffered in His Sacred-Holy Humanity. Continue Jesus' interior life of love in me, so that with Him I may love the whole of Humanity. Let me experience the messianic pain that Christ suffered of each condemned soul. Yes, Holy Spirit, allow every nerve and cell, in one word, all my being, to be enlivened by the ETERNAL FIAT, bringing about all the pain and love that Christ suffered for us. Let this repetition of Jesus' life be for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. PRAYER FOR HEALING IN MOMENTS OF DEPRESSION O my Lord and my God, I entreat you from the depths of my heart, heal me of this depression; the result of wounds I have from my childhood or of some present calamity or tribulation. My Lord, send Your light into my mind so that I can leave this dark tunnel where I find myself, where my only companions are fear and paranoia. Give me freedom, my God, from these compulsive thoughts, from desires to take my life. Free me from the images of terror that invade my mind in every moments, leaving me in a state of desolation, where sadness and the desire to separate myself from all human beings grows every day. Lord, give me your peace and show me the road I should follow, so that happiness and clam may be my new companions. I entreat You with all my heart for all the people who are sunk in depression as I am. Give them the grace to ask for help, whether it be in the form of professional or spiritual help, or the generous, open hand of a friend who can lead them out of this darkness. I give You thanks, Lord of mercy, for hearing the cry of this Your son, who wishes to live in your joy and to be a faithful witness: that when one asks with confidence, You give in abundance. My God, be my Rock and my strength, and I promise that I will share with others the peace, love and abundance that You give to me. Amen. PRAYER FOR FREEDOM FROM EMOTIONAL AND ROMANTIC INTRIGUE O merciful God, I invoke Your name that I may live in fraternal love. Help me, just for today, to avoid all emotional land romantic intrigue. Don't let me give to others the chemical they may be expecting from me, the chemicals of fear, rejection, jealousy, envy, outbursts of anger, or sexual fantasy. And do not let me take other's minds to create my own fantasies or thoughts. For when I invade another's emotional space, my relationship with him or her becomes dysfunctional. Help me, my God, not to respond to those whose tendency is to create this intrigue in me. Grant me the fraternal love and honesty, which alone has the power to cut this intrigue and to keep me safe in our truth. And give to others the love they are really looking for. Help my brothers and sisters who live in this terrible circle of intrigue. Merciful God, I want to be your cooperator, that all human beings may be purified of thoughts of intrigue. That the kingdom of the Divine Will may be on earth as it is Heaven. Amen. PRAYER TO GOD TO REACH A GOOD HARMONY BETWEEN MY NEUROTRANSMITORS AND HORMONES God of mercy, just for today give me a good harmony between my neurotransmitors, nervous system, neurons, cells and brain. Give my endorphins a special blessing, because I need to deal with my pain in a healthy way, and also with moments when my mind is in a process of euphoria. Help me to have a good function with my phenylethylamine, and at the same time to have a good predisposition to reach a chaste love. I need your protection my God when my epinephrine and phenylethylamine are working with my system, because they work to trigger a good relationship with God, myself and others. Don't let me fall into unhealthy attractions or infatuations, so that I may keep myself from becoming a love-seeker. And when I am in a process of attachment and detachment, help me my God to be in harmony with my endorphins and my hypopituitarism. Help me just for today to have a good process of bonding and to reach a mature sexual affectivity. God of mercy, through my sexuality, let me be in contact with my thinking, feelings and behaviors, and through my sensuality, to have a good ability to enjoy touching and being touched, outside of genital or sexual contact. God, let me see sex as a powerful gift you have given us, and to understand that sex has its place, but when the mind gives it the predominant place, then it becomes a problem. Let me reach holiness, so I can become a person whose body, mind and spirit share an equality that was always intended and that is in God's plan for all men and women. Thank You my God for giving me this body - a marvelous reflection of Your beauty and harmony. Amen. Nov. 8, 1997 Br. Pablo Maria PRAYER TO MY HIGHER POWER FOR FREEDOM FROM CODEPENDENCE My God, I come into Your presence that You may help me to work on my codependence. I ask You, may Your strength be my strength, that I will not let other people's behavior disturb me, and that I will not try to change others, since in fact I am obsessive-compulsive about controlling persons, places, and things. Help me become detached from people, but may I do so with spiritual and emotional love. My God, my Higher Power, may Your hand protect me and Your wisdom guide me. May I learn to live with certain problems I cannot resolve, and with a sense of gratitude for those I can confront and work on. God of mercy, let me help my neighbor, but in a healthy way, so that when helping others begins to cause me suffering I may recognize it as a sing I'm living codependently again. At those times, may I accept myself. I am vulnerable and will be codependent until the last day of my life on this planet. I pray to You for those persons who are unconsciously living the disease of codependence. May they begin their recovery and go on to become instruments of authentic love and peace for this world. Thank You my God, for the gift of recovery from codependence, and for Your peace living in me now. Amen. Br. Pablo Maria Jan. 9, 1997 SELFCARE God of mercy, help me just for today to have selfcare. This means allowing others to live as they choose as long as they don't interfere with my decision to live as I choose. Let me take responsibility for forgiveness. I forgive others when I am ready. I need to set limits on what I do for people, and set boundaries on what I will allow people to do for me. If someone wants to act crazy, that is his or her business, but I don't let people do it in front of me. Oh, my God, let me love from my strengths, not from my weaknesses, and let me make my decisions based on reality. Just for today, I will not allow anyone to physically, verbally, or emotionally abuse me. I will not knowingly believe or support lies. Having selfcare, I learn to accept my feelings and accept responsibility for channeling them constructively. Oct. 3, 1996 PRAYER TO HELP ME TO AVOID COMPULSIVE EATING Lord God, with humility I ask you for help in the middle of my compulsive eating. In Your infinite mercy, don't let me fill my interior emptiness with food, because this hollowness should be filled with Your love and Your light. Just for today, help me not to mix my emotions with food and teach me the way to express my feelings and emotions in the right way. When I am needy, anxious, worried, tired or full of anger, my compulsive behavior uses food to reach peace and serenity. Remind me, Oh Lord, that this only causes guilt within me. Don't let me eat in secret or to begin rigid diets because both are like triggers for my compulsion to reach high levels. I ask you with love, that when I have attacks of anger that I may be able to accept myself as I am, and not to return to my compulsive eating. God, give me the grace to have a proper weight in order to obtain spiritual, emotional and physical health. Make me an instrument of serenity for the world. Just for today I will be happy and I will do all that I can to keep my thoughts, feelings, sexuality and eating in harmony. Thank You God for the gift of recovery. Amen. No mission is completed in this life. Death is the seal of every mission because god has hidden away fecundity in the bosom of death.I will not perfectly fulfill my mission in this life until death imposes the seal of perfection. My death will be the last of love's charms; the last outline of the divine blueprint that I copy; the supreme thing I will do for souls. Br. Pablo Maria April 2, 1998

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